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Big Screen Surprise


(* Price may slightly vary from city to city)


Your conjured figments with your special someone always are filled with filmy hues that bewitched you through those big screens. At least once over the time have you imagined your someone’s swagon the screen instead of whatever is running up there. It is about time that you get that imagination fulfilled. It is as much for you as it is for them.

Yes, it is for real now. We bring to you the best surprise you could give your partner. Take them out on a special movie date and gift them their own cloud nine. Make them sit through the interval commercials, when sooner they will find their cutest antiques and your warm messages greeting them through those big screens

Take the surprise quotient to top notch without further ado. All you got to do is send us the pictures and message that you want to turn into big moment. You get to choose the movie, time and theatre (which can happen after the order is placed) for the most memorable movie day ever.


 All Carnival theatre across Kerala are ready to deliver this magical surprise in first phase of this venture

 If you want other screens, are available on request

 Please call 9946458034 before placing an order. The prices are city-actuated.

 The movie, timing and date are entirely of your choice, in any of the above mentioned theatres.

 The slides will be displayed only during the interval. You can have a maximum of 1-3 pictures with messages over a time period of 20 seconds.